Friday, January 12, 2007

Hexham Courant Article and Review for A Noble Captive

The Hexham Courant has published a lovely article about me. I was very surprised to find it up already on their website. I thought it very positive. In the print version, there was a small picture of me in the banner headline bit of the second section and then the article on the inside page.

I discovered my middle does not bother to look at page numbers as she went thumbing through the second section, demanding to know where the article was!

The weather here is awful -- very wild.

I also discovered that the review for A Noble Captive is up on Romance Junkies -- 4.5 Ribbons. Dorine Linnden says:
Rarely explored in historical romance, this time period sets A NOBLE CAPTIVE apart from the norm. The island temple comes alive as well as its people's customs with Michelle Styles' unique blend of historical detail and intrigue. Her style is distinctive and made me feel as if I was right there experiencing it all with the characters. I felt the impending storm of emotions and smelled the salt air through her words. An exciting adventure with strong characters you'll root for, A NOBLE CAPTIVE will enchant you.
You can read the review here. It is always lovely to read nice reviews.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! You deserve it.

Natasha Oakley said...

Lovely review, Michelle.

And how is the Aga? I think of you every time I lean against mine to warm my bottom! It's wild here, too. In fact, our rivers are flooding and we're taking roundabout routes to get everywhere.