Monday, January 15, 2007

Northern Echo article

The Northern Echo has also published an article about me. The title is Going through the mill was a real boon. Sometimes I think title writers like puns, and other times I am sure of it! I have not seen the physical copy so I don't know what the photos look like. On the whole, the article appears to be fairly positive. A few mistakes, but I think it is mainly because I was speaking so rapidly. For the record, I never lived in Pity Me. My mil grew up there, and it is one of the reasons why my dh decided to go to the North East. But the over all tone of the article is positive imho.

The Northern Echo is a regional daily newspaper with daily sales of 54,000. They were founded in 1870 and are currently owned by Newsquest, Britain's second largest conglomeration of regional and local papers. That in turn is owned by Gannet, a major league US media concern.

People came up to me at church and said they had seen the article. I think they were surprised to have a published author in their midst. Hopefully all this publicity will do some good. At least it raises my profile.

But now I have to get back to concentrating on my writing.

Aga Update: the Aga people are coming to fix the Aga -- basically reconvert the thing on Wed. So I should have it back soon. I do so miss my Aga -- its warm and ready heat. The whole house is freezing without it -- despite the central heating being on.


Jessica Raymond said...

Lovely article, Michelle :)

Good luck with the Aga!

Jess x

Anonymous said...

Great article. Well done.

Cole Reising said...

Cool article!