Thursday, January 11, 2007

A holding pattern

Currently I am waitng for the Aga man to show up to do a preliminary survey. They phoned this morning to say they would be late, and I am finding it hard to settle.

I finished my proofs last night and really enjoyed re-reading Taken by The Viking. I was able to a tweak to the Taken script with gives me more wriggle room in the latest one and to answer a few questions I had. One of the things when you are writing a linked book, you have to make sure things stay constant. Anyway, Annis and Haakon are finally on their way and the nexttime I see them, they will be in their book.

I have also finished the vast majority of PR push and so things are quieter on that front. The article in The Northern Echo is scheduled for Monday.

And I have finished critquing the current things my cps have sent...

My lovely editor has not sent me her thoughts yet, but she will. And when she does, NCC will go to the top of the to do. I am pleased I had a break.

I need to get restarted on TVB, but feel sort of at loose ends. I have thier story mapped out and know it is going to be a thrilling and exciting one to write. Also a lot of fun. It is just going to be. But today, it is hard and the crows of doubt gather in flocks and flying on the wind.

I will just be glad when the Aga is up and running again, even the tiles in the kitchen are cold.

Enough, complaining. I simply have to have the discipline to write.

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