Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The first weighing

As Natasha Oakley and Trish Wylie were brave enough to put on their tickers. I thought I had best put mine on. This is keep me motivated and honest, I guess. I think it also shows that I was grossly overeating at Christmas! But I am under no illusion that the rest of the weight will be so easily shed. It is also quite depressing. What does not sound bad in terms of the British stone sounds much higher in pounds. But it needs to be slow and steady. It did not come on overnight. It will take a lot of hard work to go.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs - you can do it! I haven't weighed myself as it depresses me so I go by my clothes and already I'm noticing a small difference but I do need to try harder. It'll be easier after next week for me when my new student goes.

Anna Louise Lucia said...

You can do it, Michelle! Don't put too much pressure on yourself, and recognise that sometimes the weight may go up a little, as well as down.

As long as you keep to it long term, you WILL lose the weight you want to.

I've still got 45 pounds to lose in total, and need to lose 10 pounds in the next six weeks or so for a hospital treatment. I'm with you!

Donna Alward said...

Well, my hormones are fluctuating, so I've lost one, then it comes back on, the rest aren't coming...and it's frustrating because I KNOW I'm doing things right. As in a minimum of one hour workout every day and better eating. Your six lbs is a great start!