Friday, September 08, 2006

Yet more honey

I got three more full supers off one of the hives -- this makes 5 full supers thus far from this one hive. It stil has 3 incomplete supers on and so potentially more honey.
It looks like it will be about 100 pounds more of honey. This is to go with the other 100 pounds of honey I have already got off....
At the moment I am heartly sick of honey. There are 6 more supers frames to spin, but the honey tank is at the bottom of the spinner is full as is the filter tank.I have to wait for the honey to drain through into the collection tank before I can complete the job. Luckily the 144 jars and lids arrived yesterday. And I am not going to even begin to think about candles. As the other byproduct of keeping bees is beeswax. Neither am I tempted to make mead -- a fermented and therefore highly alcoholic honey drink popular during the AngloSaxon/Viking period. Lots of beekeepers do make the drink.
But it goes to show what my hives are capable of producing in a good year. But God, it is hard and at times very scary work with the bees pinging all about you. It is good to get the blood flowing though and there is a certain amount of satisfaction, once the supers are in the house and the bees are humming outside.

In other news: My partial was okayed by my editor -- so it is full steam ahead and I no longer have an excuse. My fingers are crossed for an excellent manuscript.


Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to sell the surplus honey? Or are H&S regs against it? I just love the stuff.

Nell Dixon said...

Hopefully you didn't get stung this time.