Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gladaitor's Honor a B+ at All About Romance

All About Romance has reviewed Gladiator's Honor and given it a B+. It was a thorough review and certainly has given me things to think about. They are notoriously difficult reviewers and so I can take a certain amount of satisfaction from the review.
And even though it did not have that certain something to make a Desert island Keeper for that particular reviewer, she still is looking forward to my next book. Always a bonus.


Eva said...

Michelle, I liked the phrase "a whiff of scandal clinging to her stola". I don't think it "lavender prose", by any means. I must agree with the reviewer, however, and say that the ending is superb. And pulling off a stellar conclusion is no mean feat.

The Gladiator's Hono(u)r is definitely on my keeper shelf.

Emma Sanders said...

I think it's a good review, even if it's not an A+. It made me want to read it! Congratulations and wishing you much success! :)

Anonymous said...

B+ is not a bad grade, especially for a first novel. It would be difficult to have a perfect first novel because then there is the expectations of perfection for every novel, as unrealistic as that is. In fact, I can think of many first novelists (Harper Lee comes to mind)who never wrote a second novel, or whose second and subsequent novels never lived up to their perfect first novel. And I can think of many excellent writers who didn't achieve brilliance until the fourth novel or so--Hemmingway and F. Scott Fitzergerald. I suppose this is also why many artists do not read reviews. Reviews can be distorting to the artist--either one begins to think one is God's gift to Humanity or that one shouldn't even be allowed to write the grocery list.
Much Love,
Your Sister

Michelle Styles said...

I think both my editor and I liked the phrase * a whiff of scandal clinging to her stola* and if it is lavender prose, then I am unashamedly guilty of it!

And the one thing that has impressed by all of the online reviews is how professional the reviewers were. I have found something I can use from each review.

Emma -- thank you for your comment. I am very pleased that the review made you want to read the book and do hope you will enjoy it!

And my sister knows me well...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great reviews!