Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gladiator's Honor's cover

I adore the cover of Gladiator's Honor but had no idea which artist had done the illustration. I know it was commissioned as HM&B do not have any ancient Roman set artwork.
But I had no idea about who the artist.

Thanks to Victoria Bylin who was searching for the artist who did the artwork for the UK cover of Abbie's Outlaw. I now know -- James Griffin. You can take a look at his gallery here and if you scroll down a bit you will see the orginal picture of Gladiator's Honor. He also did the artwork for Juliet Langton's The Warlord's Mistress. Anyway, I thought it rather exciting.

In other news: After I got my first reader letter, I made a decision that I would write to those authors whose books I really liked and thank them. It is something I had never thought of doing before. Anyway, I was very impressed with Loretta Chase and in particular Mr Impossible. So I emailed her and recieved a nice email back. She was in deadline frenzy and apparently my letter helped give her the impetus to finish. Always a nice thought. Her next book, the final book in the series Darius's story -- Not Quite A Lady will be published by Avon in May 2007. So there is some of my May reading sorted then. And if you have not yet read Loretta Chase and like Regency, do -- you are in for a treat.


Jessica Raymond said...

Every writer I have ever contacted to say how much I loved their book has replied to me. The best was Adriana Trigiani, who volunteered to pass on my book to her agent -- !! -- though sadly I had nothing completed at the time. Then I came home a few days later and found she had sent a box of 4 of her books all the way from New York, personally signed!

Eva said...

I absolutely adore Loretta Chase! I'm so glad to hear she has another book in the making. Thanks, Michelle.

I suppose you've already visited

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read Loretta Chase as every person who has read her has praised her to the skies! I am thrilled that Piatkus have picked up her books so as soon as they are published, I will definetly pick her up!

Susan Rix said...

I wish I'd contacted authors in the past to tell them how much I enjoyed their books. My biggest regret is not sending a letter that I wrote to Catherine Cookson before she died.

That's what I love about the Internet and blogs etc. It's made writers so much more accessible to their readers.

Btw I've finally tracked down a UK copy of Gladiator's Honour and it's on both mine and my hubby's TBR list - I'm in a race to see if I can get to it first!

Sue :-)