Monday, September 04, 2006

The last day before school starts

Today is the last day before school starts for my younger two. It is bound to be a day of searching for lost items, and checking one last time to make sure that everything is there.
The weeks have flown by and it hardly seems anytime since we were getting ready to go to Iceland!
What is worse, the years have flown. Eighteen years ago, I was busy getting ready to go to the UK. Sixteen years ago, I had a really bad night and then my eldest was born the next day by c-section.
Hence the only reason why I know the date I landed in the UK to start my new life -- I had to show my passport when I was registering my eldest's birth and one of the midwifes commented.

At that time I thought I had all the time in the world -- every day seemed to take a year. My life revolved around this newborn. getting ready to go anywhere took hours because no sooner was I dressed and ready, then he had to changed or fed and then ... you get the picture. Then suddenly he was five and starting school, and now he will be sixteen. And in theory next June, he could leave school, and leave home...A Very Scary Thought.

Luckily he is intent on university, so he will belong to me for a few more years yet.

I still remember the crewel work picture I did for a very good friend of mine when I was 16 and she was expecting her first child. It had the words the effect -- Hush to the washing, and ironing go to sleep, I am rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

And they really don't... time is a funny thing and it does slip through your fingers. Even when you think you have all the time in the world.


Anonymous said...

Very wise words, Michelle - time does indeed slip by. It doesn't seem like yesterday we were going to our first antenatal class... and tomorrow that particular baby starts in year five. Even more scarily, his sister starts in year one. And where the summer went, I have no idea (but we've had a lot of fun exploring).

(And I've discovered yet ANOTHER thing we have in common: a bad night followed by a c-section.)

Enjoy the start of the new term tomorrow. :o)

Donna Alward said...

I know where summer went, and it's no wonder it went fast. LOL

When my eldest keeps growing I just shake my head. It doesn't seem possible, really. However I console myself by saying that I'm going to enjoy every age. As they get older there are different challenges but they are even more fun.

Anonymous said...

Okay so you made me cry.

Of course, that's not hard these days, but still.

Anne McAllister said...

It's mindboggling how fast the time goes. I started writing when my youngest was 2 and I wrote during his naptime. He's going to be 28 in 4 months. I can't believe it!

Enjoy the time you have with them, Michelle. They'll be 28 before you know it!

Great cover, by the way. Looking forward to the book.