Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blurbs, bees and ducklings

My wonderful editor emailed me the blurb for Sold and Seduced today. It reads rather well, I think.

In just seven days, she will beg for his kiss!

Lydia Veratia made one mistake – and now her freedom is forfeit to the man who all Rome knows as the Sea Wolf. Sold into marriage, the one thing over which she still has control is her own desire. So when Fabius Aro offers her a wager – if she doesn’t plead for his kisses in the next seven days, then she will have her independence – Lydia thinks it will be easily won.

But Aro is a dangerously attractive man. And Lydia is finding his lips more and more tempting…

On Monday, the bee inspector came and gave the bees the all clear. It looks as if we shall get enormous amounts of honey this year. One colony looked like it was making plans to swarm but hopefully the preventative action the bee inspector took -- cutting out unsealed queen cells and drone bracing brood, and adding a super will make them think twice as the queen has a lovely laying pattern and is wonderfully dolcile. The other colony where I had sorted of hope the Queen would swarm so no signs or inclination. There is however a ton of honey. He also that the hives were well maintained.

The ducklings are doing well -- growing. I must put a photo up, except they always run under the Naughty Duck when I advance with the camera. the ND has decided that the duck house is sole property and is not allowing the other ducks in, so they are sleeping outside at the moment. I shall give them a few weeks to allow the ducklings to grow and then they will all be herded in as I have this fear of foxes.


Kate Walker said...

Honey hmm . . . . Can I brng an empty jar with me to the RNA Conference?

A couple of empty jars??


Anonymous said...

I love the blurb! Sounds like a great book. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - really interesting about the bees.

I wish you patience with the ND!

If Kate's going to scrounge so blatantly (*g*), please may I, too?

Phillipa said...

Thanks for telling us about the blurb and the bees, Michelle!

Sela Carsen said...

Great blurb, Michelle!

The honey sounds delish.

Jessica Raymond said...

Hi Michelle -- I can understand why you were so pleased with the blurb, and I love your heroine's name! On a separate note, I didn't know that there was such a thing as a bee inspector... :)

Anonymous said...

The blurb is delicious sounding. I would definately pick up this book based on the blurb alone!

As for the honey, don't forget to pack a few jars for me when you come visit. We are running dangerously low on Styles honey--world's most tasty honey!