Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Review for Gladiator's Honour

A Romance Reader At Heart has done a review of Gladiator's Honor and it recieved a Top Pick award. Hip hip hooray. last year when this website reviewed, The Lady Soldier, I was able to use the review to improve on my revisions for GH as there were parts of TLS that did not appeal to that particular reviewer. I learnt an important lesson, one that I remeber to this day -- heroeines should not be waterpots.

This time the reviewer said:

I felt like I was living and breathing this story. The writing is superb and did not fail to keep me intrigued at all. The love story is breathtaking and made me wish that it would never end. Michelle Styles has found a new fan in me. THE GLADIATOR'S HONOR will be going on my keeper shelves, which I hope in the near future to fill with more of Ms. Styles' books.

It is just really wow for me!! The sort of review to make me walk on air, particularily as I know this website has a reputation for not hesitating to pull punches.

Now I have to concentrate on making VW the best it can be so that it does not fail to live up to expectations and fingers crossed it can help fill more people's keeper shelves.


Anonymous said...

That review is so well-deserved, Michelle. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Michelle. Well done. (Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoyed GH, too?)

Something else this review can do for you - if you print it out and keep it somewhere handy, you can re-read it next time the crows of doubt strike because it will remind you that you can write well :o)

And good on you for making this spur you on to make VW the best book you can.

Nell Dixon said...

That's wonderful!

Michelle Styles said...

You are so right, Kate. I had not thought about printing off the reviews to combat the crows of doubt.
I do this with reader's letters so why not reviews?
Thank you for an excellent suggestion.