Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ennegrams and ducks

I had a post from Laurie Campbell who did an enlightening workshop about ennegrams two years ago on e-harlequin. It changed the way I develop characters. Anyway, she has now written a book on the subject and it will be available soon. I am so looking forward to it as it is specifically aimed at writers rather than psychologists. So it will be about creating characters through ennegrams.
Because of the post, I went back to my ennegram book and started rereading it. It is useful to do this at this stage of the wip, to remind myself of the character's primary motivations. It is also helpful as I am thinking about my next two synopsis. Where the clashing points are going to be. It is one reason I am glad about owning books rather than just getting them out of the library as I can go back and reread them, reabsorb the info.

We now have three other ducks sitting on nests. I would like to gather up the eggs, but my dh says the ducks are happy. One duck (the Mother duck from last year) is sitting on 13 eggs. Okay, what are we going to do if these hatch? We can not turn the whole garden over to a sanctuary for ducks. My dh says that the eggs will not hatch. Umm that is what he said last years, and this year....I think I can afford to give them a week or two more and at least then the pen at night isn't overly crowded.

The current crop of ducklings are doing well. The littlest one has now caught up with the other ducklings. They are quite content chasing flies and drinking water from the water container. After last year's catastrophe, we are not putting a duck bath in the pen. All that can wait until they are older.

And congrats to my two critque partners who had full requests on Friday from HM&B. My fingers are firmly crossed for them. And hopefully I have been as big a help to them as they have been to me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the congrats on the full-request, Michelle. And for keeping your fingers crossed. And for all your help :-) I can't believe that Donna and I got full requests on the same day!


Donna Alward said...

It's serendipity, Sue. I keep telling myself that this ms has good Karma. Fingers crossed for both of us....and thanks for the congrats, Michelle! you had a HUGE hand in this book - both incarnations of it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Donna and Sue again! :)

And Michelle, best of luck on finishing your new book. :D

Anonymous said...

I think it must be a good sign, Donna! Fingers crossed for you, too.

Thank you again :-) Michelle W. I so hope you hear good news this week. I'm certain you will, very soon.