Friday, December 30, 2005

Two good books and the start of a roller coaster ride

Right before Christmas, I had the pleasure of reading two good Mills and Boon books. When one is under the weather or waiting for an operation, a Mills and Boon hits the spot perfectly.

The first book I read was Kate Walker's The Antonakos Marriage. Kate had already described a bit to me, and this helped inspire my latest wip. I was anxious to see how she handled the whole thing, and had I merely been inspired. I need not have worried. The two are VERY different. Thus proving, a little sentence by one writer can spark a whole new train of thought for another. However, it was certainly a page turner and as I had several hours waiting for my operation, I immersed myself in the book. As luck would have it, I was called to go up to the surgical area just as I reached the final chapter. Therefore that night, reading with one eye, I had to finish the story. I had to know how it ended. A fantastic way to escape.

Kate Hardy kindly sent me Her Celebrity Surgeon. This arrived on the Thursday before Christmas. I was very good and did my revisions for the day before starting to read it. I really enjoyed this one as well. A few chapters would be fine I thought. My dh forced me to go to bed without having finished it, and so I was up at 5am, reading it. I thought Charlie was a yummy hero. I don't think it was a weepie, but it was a page turner just the same. And I do want to read the other 2 in the series...perferably as soon as possible.

My own version of a roller coaster ride started today when I pressed the send button for TSD. Fingers majorly crossed. I do think the revisions made it a stronger book. I could understand ( I hope) what my editors were asking for. No doubt I will feel less sure once I know my editors are back from their Christmas break. I simply wanted to get it off my desk! It had also gotten to the stage that it was ready to go which is more to the point. Ihave decided that doing revisions off hard copy is easier in a way.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the new book! Fingers crossed that the new year brings you another contract! :)

Anonymous said...

I bet your ed will be really pleased with your revisions. Worry not!

Glad you enjoyed Charlie. Seb (book 2 - March) was my sex-god hero. And then book 3 (May) is the weepie!

Happy new year, Michelle - may it be an excellent one for you.

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Michelle. I loved TSD and I'm sure you've done a great job of the revisions.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Michelle!

Julie Cohen said...

Happy new year Michelle! Good luck with your revisions though I know you don't need luck--you've got talent, babe!