Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Frosty mornings and frustration

Today was sunshine and heavy frost. The cobwebs and leaves finely etched with white. The sun bright enough to hurt your eyes. Absolutely glorious. The sort of winter weather I love.

I have been working hard on my wip, but I am at the point where I normally query. I can't query at the moment because I have not heard back on TSD. When I first started submitting, I did send in another full while they were still considering the first one. This gave the editorial staff a chance to guide me on to the strong mss. I don't know what would have happened IF I had not given into temptation and sent the second one in. Had I waited, I porbably would not have made some of the errors but who knows.

After thinking long and hard about it, I can't ask for status on the one currently sitting on my eidtor's desk. She knows it is there. She told me so in mid-October. Under my contract, HM&B have 90 days to decide. I should stop being impatient and realise that my editor looks after other authors besides me. She will get to it when she can and her words will be like gold dust. I know the wait for GH was worth it.

My wip is moving forward, (I have reached the approximate half way point) and I am in love with my hero which is always a good place to be. Besides, the further I am with this one, the less I will have to do when I can submit the full. Thinking positively here.

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Donna Alward said...

Well, look at it this way. When they send you the revisions on TSD, you'll be nearly finished the draft of this one. While they are deciding on the revisions, you can finish it. When they offer you the contract, you will have a whole other completed manuscript to pitch. There's no downside IMO!