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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Monday, March 30, 2009


Having taken another look at my agreed deadlines and everything else I want to do this year, I have realised that I need to use a timer and write. The word count per day is high but it can be done. Actually, I think my books are better when written under pressure. Too much fiddling and I get a lot of repetition.

I did try Dr Wicked but have realised that I write best on the computer with a timer and being allowed to go back and edit if I wish. Kitchen timers are us. Excuses do not wash.

It is a matter of concentrating and writing, rather than playing. You would think I would know this by now.

My eldest leaves for a week in Russia tonight. One thing that I am sad about is that the high school (due to lack of qualified teachers) is stopping offering Russian. My youngest is taking Spanish instead. Nothing against Spanish, but Russian has proved popular. I was surprised how many students are taking it at A level. This is going to be the last Russian trip.


Caroline said...

Hi Michelle - good luck with the timer I'm not that disciplined! I should be but....I aim to write every day though - not a specific word count but what comes into my head - and depending on how tired I am after the day job! Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Kitchen timers are BRILLIANT! Even if it is only 20 mins. I have one on my desk at this moment. Now, if I could only persuade my monkey brain to agree, my own word count would probably be a lot higher :-)