Saturday, March 21, 2009

cleaning up the bee garden

As a consequence of the demise of the bees, I have been cleaning up the bee garden. Normally because the bees don't like anyone within their beeline, I tend to clean quickly and get out once I start getting buzzed. However, it is now a chance to do a clean up after nearly a decade of beekeeping. All was going well until I took a backward step, heard crunch and squish and realised I had stepped into an undiscovered duck nest. Luckily it was full of fresh duck eggs. The pong from rotten eggs is truly stomach churning!

Our cat, Tuppence has a liver problem, I think. She has lost tons of weight, is very cold etc. She does not seem to be in any great pain, but it is a matter of weeks. I am hesitating taking her to the vet as I know what will happen. I would just like her to get through until April... It is selfish but if her quality of life totally went, I wouldn't hesitate. She still seems to be very hungry. Penny the other cat is doing fine on her metacam. They are both 17.

The high school is having a charity day at the end of April with historical figures being the theme. My daughter has convinced me that I need to make her a Regency dress. Butterick Pattern 6630 has duly arrived in the post. She had wanted a mid Victorian dress but I did point out that she would have to have the proper under pinnings. With Regency dress, the stays were not to cinch the wait but to lift up the bosom to a shelf life proportion. I do enjoy making costumes so it will be a challenge. The boys are busy working out their costumes. The plague doctor mask has been ruled out.


Judy Jarvie said...

(((Hugs for you and Tuppence))

My lovely departed cat was Tuppence too (coincidence city!) The biggest character cat you ever met (he used to sneak into the showhome on our estate then open up all the wardrobe sliding doors to scare the saleswoman witless. I frequently got complaints. He also used to scale all the neighbours' bungalow roofs. His sister was called Tinker but as it turned out I should have named them the other way around.

Kate Walker said...

Hugs for you and Tuppence. I know so well how you are feeling. I know you will do what is best for her - sending you hugs of support for having that decision hanging over you.

Sid, Dylan and Flora send loving purrs too


Donna Alward said...

Hugs on Tuppence.

But at the moment i think bigger hugs on the huge sewing job. I do not sew unless it is a straight seam....

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs re Tuppence.

And I'd like to see pics of the costumes :o)