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Current Release
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Haydon Bridge bypass

The Haydon Bridge bypass opened on Wednesday and I used the new junction for the first time yesterday. It has been a long time coming. The first plans for the route were scuppered by Hitler invading Poland. Then in the late 70s, things were once again put on hold. It was only through a strong effort by the members of the Haydon Bridge Needs a Heart group that they were able to finally get the okay. I can remember the counting, the protests in favour (uniquely there was no protest or formal complaint against the bypass), the writing to MPs and to John Prescott when he was transportation minister. Then suddenly, we were going to have a bypass. I can remember thinking how long away 2009 was... For the two years, we have suffered delays, beeping trucks and more delays. But finally, the first cars have gone down the bypass and the silence is wonderful.
There are still questions about the junction. The fire brigade have written to every household in the area to remind them that the A69 is busy and there will be no speed restrictions.
But for now, it is a wonderful achievement.

Tuppence has taken to snuggling next to the teapot in the morning. Is this a hint to turn up the thermostat?

And I think I finally have handle on my characters and what needs to happen. My daughter was very useful.

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