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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some days the deamon likes to play tricks

I thought I knew what this wip was going to be about, but then I began to write. I discovered that my heroine wanted to change etc, etc and in fact discovered what I wanted to write about was probably going to lead me down the garden path of not having enough romance. However when threatened with firing, my characters have decided to act properly. I have twisted a few things.
The wip (as Caroline asked) is a linked book to the Governess book that I just turned in. I know the backstory. I suspect some characters from the previous book will reoccur. I just have to figure out how. And I think the new way will work better. But it is another governess.

Blake Snyder had an interesting post on his blog about sexy movies suddenly not doing so well at the movies. There is a theory that in times of economic haardship, morals become far tighter. Excess goes out and wholesomeness comes in. Or maybe, it is that because mainstream wholesomeness has been so out that the stories have had to become tighter whereas in the hot sector, it has been -- oh just give them more and storywriting has gone. The important thing is to give a great story that really holds the audience.

But it is one of those things in publishing or the film industry, everyone wants a crystal ball. The only thing you can control is your writing. You have to tell the stories that you want to tell and to trust that they will find a market. But it is also about not being complacent and always trying to get better.


liz fenwick said...

Thanks for the link. Good luck with the story too!

Kate Hardy said...

Interesting thought.

And for romance writers, I guess it means we need to up the emotional stakes (especially if we write in the sexier lines).

Glad you've figured out a way to write the story you want with more romance in it.

Michelle Styles said...

It is the writing with more romance that is important as the reason why people read my stories should be for the romance