Friday, March 13, 2009

M&B and Virgin Trains -- Kiss and Make up

And today , I found this in my inbox. Hooray for common sense! Hooray that Virgin trains understand that a kiss after a spat is a great way to be reconciled!! And for Annie Burrows who is a fellow historical romance author!

Following Mills & Boon’s passionate opposition to Virgin Train’s kissing ban at Warrington train station, Virgin have been seduced by the world’s leading publisher of romantic fiction.

This Friday, Virgin and Mills & Boon will officially kiss and make up.

In support of Comic Relief on Friday 13th March, Mills & Boon and Virgin Trains will be indulging in a day-long romantic reconciliation at mainline rail stations including Euston, Warrington Bank Quay and Glasgow.

Warrington-based Mills & Boon author Annie Burrows and Virgin Trains’ Director of Communications Arthur Leathley will be launching the initiative at Warrington Bank Quay station at 9.45am.

Kissing-friendly platform events taking place throughout the day include:

· Mills & Boon book jacket photo-opportunities
· Brad Pitt look-a-likes and Virgin staff selling kisses for Red Nose Day
· Free ‘kissing mints’
· Love-seats designed by Mills & Boon and Virgin
· Live readings by costumed Mills & Boon ‘Romantic Heroes’
· Mills & Boon book giveaways
Mills & Boon in numbers:

In 2008, Mills & Boon celebrated 100 years of romance publishing - A Mills & Boon book is sold every 5 seconds in the UK alone - 130 million Mills & Boon books are sold worldwide every year - In the past 50 years, Mills & Boon characters have shared 10,325 weddings, 29,500 kisses and 35,250 embraces.

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