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Current Release
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hugs and kisses

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday in the UK, the UK's version of Mother's Day. My eldest said to me that I needed hugs and proceeded to hand me a bag of Hershey's hugs. He had gone to Fenwicks to see what the US candy supply was like.

Now I knew about Hershey's kisses but had not realised they did hugs as well. I suspect they have been in the US for awhile as it is always hit and miss with such things over here. Did some research and found they have been around since ack 1993! My only defence is that I have lived in the Uk for over 20 years.

Both boys kept saying later -- I need a hug. And my supply rapidly dwindled...My daughter was off riding...and some had to be kept for her.
And because of getting the candy, I have discovered that there is an online shop -- The Stateside Candy Co where I can get Hershey's kisses and hugs. Some of the other things are sort of -- oh no but bring back memories. For example, do I seriously miss poptarts or marshmallow fluff? It is good to know that these things exist but... On the other hand, the fact that they sell goldfish crackers...

Today marks the start of writing my next M&B Historical. I need to go for intensity of characterization so that there can be a buzz about the ms. My editor has not really explained what she means. All I can do is to control my writing and to try to make it even better. In the end all a writer can do is to control her writing.


Kate Hardy said...

So what is a Hershey's hug? Is it like, say, a Lindor ball? (Enquiring chocoholic needs to know...)

And goldfish crackers? I'm going to have to investigate.

Good luck with the beginning.

Michelle Styles said...

A hershey's hug is the same shape as a hershey's kiss, but with swirls of white chocolate, rather than just milk or dark chocolate.
Knowing your dedicated choco plus your books, I would not be surprised if one of your characters used them. Apparently they are becoming popular favours at weddings...
Goldfish crackers are crackers that are shaped like goldfish. Very moreish. Used as nibbles.

Caroline said...

Hi Michelle - good news for us readers in that you are starting a new ms!! Any hints as to what it is going to be. Can't wait to read it.

Your Sister said...

Do you need a care bos? I am about to send your Girl Scout cookies (thin mints and tagalongs). Do you need Goldfish included? Anything else? Poptarts? Hugs? Actually, Hershey has expanded the Kiss flavors as well. You can get them with caramel filling, cherry filling, dark chocolate, etc. Let me know what your order is.

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - I have been Googling. And I'm tempted. But... Is Hershey's chocolate nicer than G&B? (Or Hotel Chocolat?) ... bearing in mind that I am more of a milk chocolate person (with the exception of gianduja, for which I would jump through hoops dressed as a giant pink rabbit).