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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The wonder that is Mamma Mia

First of all, I was on 100-102 Century Radio this morning on the Scott and Ben's Big Breakfast show. Scott had asked me on because Ben needed some advice. He wants his wife to buy a certain car and giving her all the wrong reasons. The real reason is that he adores his wife and his current relationship with her. Or at least that was the subtext I got. Anyway, it was fun.

Speaking of Fun, Mamma Mia was brilliant. Go see it, if you haven't already.

It has been a long time since I have to a film where there was such a buzz of anticipation in the crowd. People were dressed in smart casual and many were greeting each other. It was more like going to the theatre than the cinema. I saw several neighbours and people that I had not seen for years. There were a few men in the audience, mostly in their fifties and sixties.

When the film started, there was the quiet hush and sounds of enjoyment. The whole atmosphere sparkled. Helped no doubt by the fun and enjoyment that the actors appeared to be having. I was delighted to see various elderly women, clapping and singing along.

Julie Walters held the film together and while I think Colin Firth was wasted, it was feel good entertainment. I am very tempted to see it again and will be getting the dvd. Oh and you have to stay for the credits. The Lycra suits are just not to be missed.

I can now understand why the film is so popular. The current run at the Hexham Forum is completely SOLD OUT and they are talking about bring it back yet again. I heard various plans from people to see it there if it does happen. it is a movie that people want to see again and again.

And the Forum has been completely renovated. They have a lovely coffee bar and the seats are now very comfortable. I plan to try to see more films there rather than driving into Newcastle. BUT I will make sure that I book before I go to avoid disappointment.


Kate Hardy said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Julie Walters stole the show for me, too.

As for Colin... when I read that interview where he described M&Bs as "banal" (which I think is a bit cheeky for someone who's made a career out of romance) he went down in my estimation. (I think the word "priggish" comes to mind.) However, this film redeemed him for me because he clearly does have a sense of humour after all.

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, I have long held that particular interview against him. However as far as I can recall that particular film bombed.

But he did redeem himself in this film as his sense of humour did come through.
Can you guess what is currently top of the Christmas list for my dd? My dh came home with the soundtrack today....