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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lakes and movies

My dh took the boys camping to the Lake District for three nights. They arrived back yesterday -- wet and filthy but having had a good time. The photo is my eldest on Thursday when they were climbing in the Ennerdale region.
They stayed at the Sykes family campsite in Buttermere which was very basic but very beautiful. The pub food is good but stodgy -- just what you need after climbing for 10 hours. Apparently to get to the waterfall, you have to go through an uphill bog. And the lake at Buttermere is very cold.

My daughter and I planned to go to see Mamma Mia! at the local cinema on Friday night, but when we got there, it was sold out. It has been on for several weeks, so I was surprised, but now am determined to see it. I think we are going to go on Monday. The last time I can remember this happening was for Shirley Valentine, many years ago -- word of mouth. The man at the movie rental place said that he did not know when it would be released as it was doing so well. We took out Enchanted which we both thoroughly enjoyed. The boys are less fond of chick flicks and so we tend to end up watching thrillers...
We were also excellent and did not watch Francesco or Patrick Leigh Fremor, but taped them. Both were fantastic. Next week is the last two episodes of Francesco. Sigh. In many ways, his television shows echo Fremor's writing -- lots of little interesting asides and bits of history. I certainly hope more travel programmes are planned.
I noticed on Monday at 9 there is a programme about the Real Life on Mars -- policing in the 1970s -- BBC4. It is a much watch.

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michellewillingham said...

What a wonderful photograph! Love it. :)