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Current Release
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Indoor rowing

Inspired by the Olympics, my dh convinced me that we should acquire a Concept 2 rowing machine. It duly arrived on Tuesday and is now set up in the sun room.

It is relatively easy to use and comes with various motivational tools to improve your technique and keep people motivated.

I think the people at Concept 2 have figured out that one of the major problems is people start off with enthusiaism and it rapidly dwindles until the machine comes a dust magnet and clothes horse. Their website has a number of different motivational aids, free downloadable weight loss booklets, etc.

There are reasons, I mutter darkly that ours is in the sun room where no clothes sorting ever happens.

It is straight forward to use and my muscles are stiff and sore. BUT even after three days, I can already feel more energy and ideas for my current wip flowing. This could be a coincidence but I take ideas where ever I can get them. And I am well aware of my writer's bum and the sagging middle.
At the moment, it is very early days but I am enjoying rowing and I shall see what happens. My dh and children are also using the machine.
And I am hoping that the inspiration lasts long after the final ceremony. The thing is to actually use the machine and see how the progress becomes slow and steady.


Anonymous said...

carolc said...

Good luck with the inspiration Michelle, hope you and your family continue to use the machine for years to come.


Biddy said...

Good luck with the rowing! I used to be Women's champion on those things at my gym... fastest 1000m. They are tough!

Donna Alward said...

I love them as well. I think it's the whole rhythmic thing. It is why I enjoyed running too...the sound of the soles on the pavement.

I really need to do something about my own sagging middle.