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Thursday, August 21, 2008

ABBA and my daughter

When the whole saga about going to Mamma Mia! started about two weeks ago, my daughter sort of knew about ABBA. Yesterday my dh came home from the shops with an ABBA Gold cd. Much to my eldest's disgust, the house is now filled with the sounds of ABBA.
To be fair to my eldest, he works as a waiter at the local castle hotel as his after school job. Apparently, at nearly every wedding, ABBA is played. He says that people come in, looking normal and sober, perfectly respectable but once ABBA comes on, they flock to the dance floor, performing all sorts of werid contortions. The songs are consistently the most played at weddings, and the ones most likely to send the dance floor overflowing.
It is all sort of amazing when you think about it. I happened to read the cd's notes. ABBA until the early 90s was consigned to the bargain basement. Their compliation album did far better than the albums/individual songs' orginal release. ABBA is certainly not barbain basement now.
Anyway, my daughter is now even more excited about going to see this movie. I suspect that she would like to go to the sing along version as she trying to learn the lyrics...
My eldest on the other hand is looking forward to seeing Hellboy 2, a movie which will not have an ABBA soundtrack.


Kate Hardy said...

That last sentence really cracked me up.

We may be going to see Mamma Mia! today. Son is a tad reluctant. Daughter is angling for the singalong version (but I've explained that's only evening showings and we are supposed to be doing school bedtimes again now to ease them back into the new term).

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, well we are spiritual twins!
Ejoy Mamma Mia! I am really looking forward to it. I suspect that once your son gets there, he will enjoy it.