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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whitewater duckling

We have ducklings again. This time,I am hoping the crows or jackdaws do not get them. So far, we have gone from 15 to 3 in a week. No sparrowhawks or foxes have been spotted in the garden, so I will place money on the surplus population of jackdaws.
There are a number of reasons why there are too many jackdaws, but until people put the nets on their chimneys... We have already lost at least two full broods this year. I am not worried as we have too many ducks, but...
Anyway, yesterday, even there was a great deal of high pitched quacking as one duckling became separated by the stream. Due to the high rainfall, the normally placid stream is raging.
My youngest went to rescue it, slipping and sliding on the muddy bank. I directed traffic from the bridge.
The duckling jumped into the stream and was washed over the dam. A white water rafter could not have done better as it twisted and turned. Head up and wings back. Full marks on style.
Of course, it then went and hid in a patch of nettles. My dh fished it out, back the intrepid adventuring duckling to me and I walked across the bridge to be reunite with the mother and its more sensible siblings who were huddle under a thorn bush.

By the time we returned to the house, we were soaked to the skin.

Last week, I forgot to pick a courgette and it turned into a marrow. We used it in moussaka last night. Courgettes work well in this dish, instead of aubergine/eggplant.

And the rain continues. I am praying the duckling has learnt its lesson...

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