Monday, August 04, 2008

Important principle in writing

Never let an opportunity for good narrative action go to waste.
This is one of the sayings that is somewhat engraved on my brain, EXCEPT when I forget.
Early Sunday morning, I sat bolt upright in bed and realised that the reason the first part of my current wip feels static is that I started in the wrong place. There is an opportunity for a short scene of good narrative action that will set up the story. And I had forgotten to write it. ARGH! Easily solved, but you would think by this time that I could remember and think about such things before I reach chapter 8!!!!
My proofs are going well and I really like how Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife turned out. I need to get this finished.
In other news:
Chile is wearing an Elizabethan ruff as he keeps worrying the stitches, but he is now taking his pills much better.

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Jen Black said...

Hi Michelle - what exactly do you mean when you say narrative action?
Does it mean reported actions? Or action in real time?