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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whiff whaff and Mamma Mia

The problem with knowing about how table tenniswas invented was that we had to try.
One opened bottle of cava later to obtain the cork and a decision to use hands instead of cigar boxes, and we were away. No books as I was not sure about the lift.
It is best if the champagne cork is hit off a bare table rather than one with a cloth.
Champagne corks bounce erratically.
Because my youngest plays table tennis at youth club, he proved to have a good eye and was thus an eventual winner.
It will never replace a conventional table tennis table, paddles and ball, but it can prove to be great impromptu sport, particularly for people stuck inside on account of the mouldy weather.

Mamma Mia is tonight and I happened to speak to a former next door neighbour. She is going as well, having pre-booked with her cousin. Part of the reason they are going is because if the film has had to be brought back three times, it must be good. Also it has given her a chance to play ABBA Gold again. She agreed with me that something like this has not happened in Tyne Valley since Shirley Valentine... Which I suppose is better than saying that something like hasn't happen since the Great Bell Ringing Feud of 1989.

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Donna Alward said...

Look, it's been a heck of a day so I say thank you. The Great Bell Ringing Feud????????? I burst out laughing.