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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leaking radiator

A week or so ago, my dh mentioned that the radiator in the bathroom was leaking. I promptly forgot about it.
Umm, no more. The leak has turned into a flood. Duct tape has not worked. I have rigged up something with sponges to channel the water into a collection tin (old Texas fruitcake tin) on the basis that water runs down hill. Why are leaks always low down? Or in relatively inaccessible places?
Hopefully I will be able to get hold of the plumber soon.
However, I suspect the water is just the water in the radiator rather than in the whole system. Again, this is because the central heating is not on and water can not run up hill without some sort of force...or at least it is my theory.
But ARGH!!!!!!

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Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell. Know exactly what you mean re leaks (she says, avoiding the noisy dehumidifier in the kitchen and trying not to think about the ruined floor).