Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Viking Warrior,Unwilling in stock at Amazon

Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife is currently in stock at Amazon.co.uk and can be delivered overnight. Sometimes, they just say *in stock* but if it is before the publication date, I am always dubious until the overnight option is available.

Realms on Our Bookshelves have done a lovely review. I am not sure it is up yet but the reviewer said:

If you are in the mood for some Viken arrogance and spirited women then Michelle Styles has it in store for you. VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE is about mistakes made in the past and to give another a chance for redemption. Vikar and Sela are ex husband and wife and you can feel it from the very first moment that it still sizzles between them. The spark of passion still slumbers and doesn’t require much to be set ablaze.

Michelle Styles is historically rich in detail from customs to religion and this adds an atmospheric detail to a capturing tale. The basic plot is a human one and what made me dig deeper in the couch is the fact that VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE evokes the feeling of reading a Viking story with all the classic elements I will forever enjoy.

Vikar is a man of his time, bold, cunning, and powerful and knows how to wield this too. That is a combustible combination with a woman who knows what she wants and will fight for those she loves. There is a subtle but undeniable passion between Vikar and Sela and of course is provoked by their very natures. Along with heated arguments, longing and unresolved issues it becomes a pleasure to see their journey progress and watch their feelings ignite again.

There are three elements that come together in this story: a historically well researched background, a fun and entertaining secondary cast of characters like Bose the Dark,- the maid Una, Kjartan and Ivar which provides an intriguing setting for the main hero and heroine to play upon. It all leads me back to the times of the Viken which I can’t get enough of.

Michelle Styles wields her talent once more to spin a Viking tale of long ago, filled with strong willed personalities, compelling love and secrets to uncover. VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE will give the reader a few enjoyable reading hours in the times of Viken!

Anyway, it is always lovely to get the first review of a book out of the way. And I am looking forward to reading other ones. Reader feedback is such a gift.

Realms is a European book site. The women who run it are Dutch. There are forums in English as well as Dutch. Because although people may be able to read in English, they are most comfortable discussing things in their own language. I think it is fantastic the way that the Internet has opened the world.

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