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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Friday, May 09, 2008

Revisions arrive

Yesterday, my editor sent through her thoughts. As ever, her thoughts are like gold dust and will serve to make the manuscript stronger.

Yes, I know I have been waiting since late January, but thoughts like these are worth waiting for. They are clear and precise. She has picked up on inconsistencies in the back story, and shades of meaning. And it does not look like there will any big shifts in scene order.

This means I have done my usual -- namely print off the manuscript. Now, I will go through and reread the story so that I know what I wrote, and as I read, I will hold the revision thoughts in my mind. Then I will go through and make the changes. Then I will reread and see if anything else needs to be changed. Finally I will go through at random twice more -- once to tighten on tension and once to tighten on Point of View. Then hopefully, it will be ready.

Revisions are fun because they are about making the story stronger. They are probably my favourite part of writing. No, I lie -- my favourite part is when I know the story has been accepted for publication. And I am just pleased to be working on this one again...

I had a great post from Anna Louise Lucia -- an advanced copy of her book Run Among Thorns. It looks great. Unfortunately my dd has started reading it and has hidden it as she says that I have revisions. My dd does not agree that the female model looks vaguely like Anna. She says that Anna has a far pretty face and much more interesting hair.

Should I watch North & South again as Richard Armitage helped to inspire my hero? The last episode is so fantastic. Hence the photo from BBC's Robin Hood.


Donna Alward said...

I can't wait to get Anna's book. I saw the ad in RT magazine!

And now you make me want to watch that last episode of N&S. Though the one where she rejects him is so powerful and it.

I'm enjoying Cranford by the way. The second part is on Sunday.

Kate Hardy said...

You always inspire me when it comes to revisions. (Am still waiting for mine, though not as long as you've been waiting!)

And your lovely positive attitude means your book will be the stronger for it.

Michelle Styles said...

Well, the more I get into them, the more I can see what my editors are saying.
Argh. And double argh for missing things. But it is going to be a far far stronger book. My editors have such good eyes.
I have just watched the last episode of N&S, SIGH, le sigh and le sigh again. It is when they clasp hands that my tears start falling.