Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Astrology and my characters

My new hero is a Scorpio. This much is clear. He is intense and he wants vengeance. It has been a long time coing, and he is determined to succeed. He is intensely private and controlled. Stubborn. A typical Scorpio. So much so good. Scorpios as heroes can be wonderful. A bit scary, but wonderful. And this is what my hero wants to be.
My problem is what is my heroine. She needs to evenly match him. She is not a pushover and she has her reasons. And she needs to have left him, and at some point, she will need to forgive him. This is highly unlikely for another Scorpio. A Leo or Aries would not accept the situation either. I suspect she might be an Aquarius. It is a very dangerous thing to do to leave a Scorpio and expect to get away unscathed. The hero deserved it, but no matter.
So I have been busy reading my Linda Goodman Sun Sign and Love Signs books. They are providing insight and I have eliminated a number of signs for my heroine. In other words, I know what she is not. I am just not sure I know what she is. I know some of this has to do with moon signs as well. And so she could have modulating effects, but I know the sort of woman I want...
Creating characters can be difficult, particularly when the characters are stubborn and not whisper.
This should be a fun manuscript to write...if my heroine would just open up a bit. In fact, if she doesn't, she might get fired and more interesting one hired.
One of the more liberating things for me when I was first starting to write was when a more experienced writer said -- sometimes the character does not want to work and has to be fired. In other words, sometimes, you have loaded the character with too much baggage or the wrong baggage for the story.

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Unknown said...

I remember those astrology books from long ago - intriguing. Good luck 'findin'' your heroine.