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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Monday, May 12, 2008

Good intentions

The trouble with revisons is that I begin to live and breathe them. I am apt not to notice that we do not have bread in the house. Or forget that the builder is arriving for a meeting about when they can start the building work. Or that is my eldest's history exam and not his Russian today. Okay, it was on Stalin's Russia, but he was not pleased.
It is no good saying -- have this on a calender. The meeting was there. I just forgot to look.
I do love revisions and the whole moulding process. It is just sometimes I do not love dropping all the balls I am juggling.
But at least I was in for the builder and it will get started soon. We are getting the sun room redone as when it rains, the roof leaks badly.... Oh and I am getting the fireplace reopened in my study -- this happens on 21 May. This is fine because it is now marked in red on my calender. Hopefully it will mean that my fingers no longer go blue in the winter.
Central heating is a luxury.
But the revisions are going all right. Hopefully I am being able to get a few more poignant moments, opening a few more veins and bleeding. Upping everything. Repetition phrase of the manuscript is clenched fists. It always varies. But this time -- it is definitely clenched fists. I am not sure why I do this -- the phrase changes each time. I ma very glad that my editors can see the promise in the manuscript. It is quite a skill to be able to see the promise.

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