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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fireplaces and football

First of all Manchester United won the European Championship on penalties. Hooray. But it was one of those matches where in many ways, it would have better if both teams simply shared the cup. Penalties is such a cruel way to settle things. The ending had lots of drama and swinging emotions. It definitely worked on the old emotional tension levels. They increased as each kick was taken. The billionaire owner of Chelsea's face was picture as he knew that this was something that money would not buy. It was all down to luck and who could take the penalty.
It was a fantastic display of the talent in the English premiership. And hopefully, will go a long way to show why the game is so popular.
Sir Alec Ferguson said later that it was the first penalty shoot out that he had won in a big match. I suppose the odds are there, but I also suspect that he did not dare hope.
For me, the 1999 game is still incomparable. My eldest refused to believe that they had won and had to be physically carried in to see the scoreline...This time, he went upstairs and had to be called down. Although both he and my dh reported that the sound of my dd's squeals meant they knew...

The fireplace in my study is in. But for some reason the Aga went out and I shall have to get the Aga man out this morning. SIGH. I have taken pictures but need to download. And I have definitely decided that blocked fireplaces are better when they are unblocked. This one was blocked up on 3 January 1951 -- or at least that is when the Daily Express paper found in the rubble was from. Ironically it featured an article about Manchester United.
Equally, by going back and cross checking the newspaper with the old deeds, it shows that the fireplace was blocked by the Chases rather than the Middlemasses as the Chases sold the house in May 1951. I had rather thought that the Middlemasses had done the renovations, but perhaps the Chases did a few things and then sold the house. I think the Aga was put in around the same time.

The winners for my May Reader contest have been drawn -- Joy and Eva. I have sent them a private email. And will be posting off their books. I will be doing a similar contest for June -- it is for my newsletter readers, so if you are interested, sign up for my newsletter. It is free. I also always include a recipe.

Today is more editing of my current Viking and trying to get my study back to normal. I always feel upside down.


Carrie Lofty said...

Keven was just happy to see how many of the starting players came up through West Ham's youth team. He claimed a moral victory :)

Jane said...

I saw the game, it was incredible. It was like a scene from a movie, the rain was coming down hard and it was amazing to see some players celebrating and some crying and inconsolable.

Michelle Styles said...

Carrie -- LOL on Kevin claiming a moral victory.

Jane -- Yes, you are right it was incredibly atomospheric. The rain and the faces of the players. their body language. From a human drama POV, it was one of the most incredible matches.