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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Amante del Vikingo, a review for Taken and other bits

First of all the Spanish Harlequin site has put the cover for La Amante del Vikingo up and it is HOT! Or maybe it is just me... It has the same feel as the S&S cover with subtle differences.
The blurb for La Amante del Vikingo (aka Taken by the Viking) is: La amante del vikingo (VIKINGOS)
Los vikingos llegaron diciendo que venían en son de paz, pero pronto Lindisfarne se encontró en llamas. Annis de Birdoswald huyó presa del pánico, pero no logró escapar de los guerreros nórdicos. Sin embargo, un hombre la protegía: Haakon Haroldson. El arrogante vikingo se llevó a Annis consigo a su tierra, alejándola de todo lo que ella amaba. Y ahora se veía obligada a elegir entre el humilde trabajo que le correspondía a una cautiva o una vida de placer pecaminoso ¡en los brazos del vikingo!

You can buy the book and see more of the covers in the series here.
I also had a wonderful review of Taken by the Viking from Melissa Fowler of the Romance Reader Connection. I loved: Ms Styles' vibrant descriptions of the viking world will no doubt carry the reader away, but it is the intricacies of the relationships of the main and supporting characters which I found to be the most haunting.Without a doubt, one of the author's best to date. very highly recommended! 4 1/2 stars.

The review made my day as I know what respect TRRC does command.

My lovely sister emailed to say that she had bought the last copy of Taken in her local Borders. So I am hopeful that it is doing well. She also told me a story about loaning the hardback copy to a friend whose son was just learning to read. The son when asked where anything was, kept replying Taken by the Viking. I suspect that excuse was used in Anglo Saxon times with more effect.

I have found out that there are 9 HMB authors in the 149 authors who are being Writers In Residence for the National Year of Reading programme. They are Louise Allen, Caroline Anderson, Nicola Cornick, India Grey, Kate Hardy, Sharon Kendrick, Natasha Oakley, Susan Stephans, and me. I do not know who the other authors from other publishers are. I do know that HMB and their authors are thrilled to take part. The National Year of Reading is about reading -- anything, any where, any time. You can go on the website and make a reading resolution. If you are inspired, why not go on the eharlequin site, post a blog about the book you read and take part in the 100,000 book challenge!

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