Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Chocolate day -- recipe

Natasha Oakley has decided to tempt people with chocolate on the Pink Heart Society. Some might say that chocolate is not a temptation, but a necessity, one of the basic food groups.

She wants recipes. Did I mention that Natasha also has a book out this month -- Wanted: White Wedding


(as made over a thousand campfires)

To make one s'more --

2 graham crackers (in the UK use 2 digestive biscuits)

half a bar of chocolate (your choice, Green & Blacks is great, but Hershey's is standard)

1 toasted marshmallow.

First toast your marshmallow. Try not to burn to a cinder. There are generally great debates how to do the perfect toasted marshmallow. Place marshmallow on chocolate, sandwich between cracker/digestive biscuit. Eat. Have another one. Try toasting the marshamllow a different way. Eventually feel slightly sick.

One of the best parts of camping.

I had a lovely post from Krista at Coffeetime Romance. Taken by the Viking has been awarded five cups. My favourite bit of the lovely review was: Very seldom do I come across a book that affects me as much as this one did. Ms. Styles delves into emotions of both main characters so that I felt like I knew them inside and out. The fact that I have Scandinavian heritage only made this book more appealing. I was also very impressed with how realistic everything came across, which is not an easy task. I applaud Ms. Styles for telling a story that enchants and tugs at your heart. This is an author who truly knows how to write. The book only got better and at no point did I feel disappointed or let down. History and passion mixed together is a combination that makes this particular story one that will not leave me for a while.

As I too have a Scandanavian heritage, I think it is great that she enjoyed the setting. Many thanks to Krista for making my day.

You can read the rest of the review here.
I learnt that Kimberley Lang of Writer's Playground has sold her first Modern Heat. Hooray for Kim. She is quite naturally having a blog party and you can join in the fun here.

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Donna Alward said...

Mmmm....smores. My favorite chocolate for them is Nielsen's Jersey Milk. It's thin enough to get melty with the marshmallow. My dh also lays the first biscuit across one of the forks with the chocolate on it, and heating it slightly because it's so much better when the chocolate is melted.

Another favourite of ours are bush pies and banana boats.