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Current Release
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Monday, May 05, 2008

n starting a new wip

Right, I am still waiting for my editors' thoughts on the manuscript I turned in back in January. There have been reasons for the delay. And I think I should get them finally on Friday.
The latest Viking's draft is finished and just wants tweaking, but I want to see my editors' comments on the other one before I tweak. The tweaking should take about a week.
My next HMB is not due until end of September (or at least that is what I vaguely agree with my last editor). I know the time period and the subject and the characters, BUT first I want to start writing a longer more complicated story. Just to see. If I organise my time well, it should be doable. I know I am not Kate Hardy, but I also spend a lot of dead time.
Anyway, I now FINALLY have a working title -- The Viscount's Vengeance, and while the title might not stay, it gives me some straw to make bricks with. After reading Ally Blake's piece on working titles for the Pink Heart Society, I realised that I ALWAYS have to have one. I have no hope or expectation that the title will remain (that is a decision for TPTB in marketing) but I need something to remind me what the story is about.
So amongst other things that I did last week, I spent time thinking about the working title. It came to me late Saturday, so I was pleased as simply calling the wip by the hero or heroine's name does not inspire my daemon.
I think though this hero is going to prove difficult. He has already informed me that he is a Scorpio. I know vaguely what he looks like from Natasha's sheik pictures. But it is the intensity...any way it should be fun. My heroine is being quieter, but I suspect she is no less determined.

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Donna Alward said...

*happy bounce*

more reading for moi!

I have to have a title too, and like you no expectations it will stay but something that is a grounding point. It usually has to do something with the hook.