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Current Release
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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Chaos is about to reign this week. The builders will be into demolish the sun room and to put a new improved sun room in its place. In this way, I hope that the various leaks and cascades of water when it rains will stop. It also means that we will have a nice roof as past of the sun room's roof is flat. My basic theory is that originally, it was an open porch and it was enclosed in the 1950s. The men making the frame concurred with my assessment onFriday.They also said that the frame would be completed far quicker than they first said.
Anyway, my dh decided on Friday that even though the work would not begin until next Wednesday, the room had to cleared as he had the time. Cue mass panic as I am trying to finish my revisions. We did get the grapevine moved and it is now planted in the vegetable patch and has been trailed through into the green house.
Also on Wednesday, the man is coming to open the fireplace in my study and put a cast iron surround with Mucha tiles in. The theory is that I will be able to have a fire and thus will no longer have frozen fingers as I type. I have not yet begun to empty my room. I think this is going to be messy. But while it is happening, I will not be around on the internet much.
Eventually I shall also be getting book shelves in my room as the current IKEA bookcase is about to fall down. In fact, I am pretty sure that it will not survive the move. This is NOT GOOD.
And yes, I will post pictures.
But I hate building work even if I love the end results...

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Nell said...

Good luck with the building works. Just keep thinking how lovely it will be when it's finished.