Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Faulty logic

Today a story in the Daily Telegraph reminded me of faulty logic -- you know the one  which goes cats has four legs, whiskers and a tail A dog has four legs whiskers and a tail. Therefore a dog is a cat.
After a protest outside its doors, urging a boycott of Israeli produced food, a Sainsbury manager decide in order to avoid trouble, he would clear all KOSHER food from its shelves and duly did. I am not about to debate the rights or wrongs of boycotting food produced in Israel, but merely want to point out that no all Kosher food is produced in Israel and not all food produced in Israel is necessarily labelled Kosher.
In a country famed for its tolerance of religion like the UK, it alarms me to see creeping Antisemitism and the banal response from Sainsbury. There is a huge difference between people who are Jewish and the Israeli government's actions. It is like blaming everyone who happens to be Muslim for the actions of the IS.
I suspect the better response would have been to call the police and to ask them to deal with intimidating protesters.  Lawful protest is fine but intimidation is not.

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