Monday, August 25, 2014

3 Years of TAM

Today I officially completed three years of exercising with Tracy Anderson. I also finished Y3 Month 6 and am officially done with the band and the pole.

My thoughts on the band  (after using it and reading about others experiences). The band you can buy from her site appears to be junk. It often snaps after the first few uses. She has sold two different bands. The band which is currently on offer is the smaller band which is suitable for 3.2 but not 3.1. 3.1 has moves which you need to be able to be completely within the band.
I used a yellow theraband. I bought a roll off Amazon UK and tied it to a about a metre length. I found when I went shorter, it had tendency to snap. I needed the whole roll in the end and did retie when various loops broke.
Some people say that yellow therabands are too light weight resistance. I don't know.I went with what people were using. Some people have seen bulking. The bulking seems to be solved by making the band longer and using a lighter (ie yellow) resistance.
The moves are hard what ever the resistance. We are talking generally 50+ min of intense MS work. L7 on 3.2 is 41 min. L8 is 1 hr and L9 is 56 min for example.
For all the *trouble* with the band snapping, I did like the moves and felt v much puppet on a string in 3.1. the band is used in a slightly different way in 3.2. There are more pole moves. The pole can be painful but good. It does really stretch your triceps, for example.
I have seen how my strength has grown. I can do rollover type planks without too much difficulty. The plankorama is coming up so this is good. My balance is much better. In 3.2 L9, the easiest exercise for me was the modified headstand.
I have come a long way in three years. I am an on-going work in progress. I do like doing TAM. I enjoy the challenge.
But I am looking forward to no added equipment except for handheld weights and the ankle weights.

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