Friday, August 03, 2012

The Cover for Hattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match

This morning's inbox brought the cover for Hattie.
Once again, the dress is not exactly Regency but I love the colour! (NB I have given up hoping for an absolutely accurate dress and now go on -- would I like to wear that dress. Answer yes.)
it releases in November.


Donna Alward said...

Because I don't write historicals, I'm not up to speed on what styles are for what period for the most part. So I look at that and say...yes, very pretty! As authors we worry about the accuracy far more than the readers, I think. It's lovely.

Michelle Styles said...

I know, I know. I used to send in pictures of dresses that I thought the heroine would have worn...
And you are right it is more about the feel of a cover and if you go YES.
the worst was when CMM was labelled as a Western by Amazon because of the cover. It was an Early Victorian set in Cumbria, no cowboys in it at all.

Tora Williams said...

It used to annoy me when the costumes or characters on the cover were wrong. I used to feel that the historical accuracy of the book was in doubt if the cover was off. Now I know more about the process I'm more forgiving. And it is a gorgeous dress :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a "not" missing before the words "exactly Regency"? - it seems to be what you mean, judging by the rest of your post.

On the more general point, as a reader I do find it odd that publishers choose covers which don't reflect the book accurately. What is the point in making the book look more attractive (or whatever the excuse is)? Surely it results in buyer dissatisfaction? - the ones who want to read the book implied by the cover will be annoyed, and the ones who are looking for books of the type the book truly is will be put off unless they already know the author.

Michelle Styles said...

Helen --
Serves me right for going quickly!

The editors assure that some things on covers do sell books. For example, they always put tartan kilts on Scottish set hisotricals even if it isn't the right period for that particular tartan or indeed a kilt. The books apparently sell better.

I can't do anything about the cover but hope...In the UK, it will have Regency on the front. Some of it is because they are using various images they already have purchased. In this case, the woman on the cover does have the same look as the Sally Pressman photo I sent in.
Authors also have very little say on the title. However Hattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match was my working title and so I am pleased to retain it.

Tora I agree -- knowing about the process helps. The author is responsible for the content. It is up to her publisher to figure out the marketing. Sometimes authors get consulted and sometimes they figure they are the experts.

Anonymous said...

I see you point about not being regency and would go better with the story but it's pretty and make people chose base on the cover . Go Figure

Anonymous said...

opps people make choices based on the cover

Jennifer Faye said...

Love the cover!!! I really enjoy historical romances but I'm no expert on them. So if a dress looks like it would fit the period and it's gorgeous (like your cover) I'm happy. Can't wait to read this one!