Monday, August 13, 2012

Kate Hardy's 50 book celebrations

My very dear friend, Kate Hardy has just published her 50th book with Harlequin. Her first was published in 2002 so that is incredible.
I have burnt dinner because of her books and every time a new book comes out, it does go to the top of the TBR pile.
Anyway, to celebrate this wonderful achievement, she has invited a number of her friends to do blogs. My blog is up today and if you leave a comment there, I am giving away a signed copy of His Unsuitable Viscountess.
Friend are very precious and friends who are writers even more so. I bless the day Kate Hardy came into my life.


Carol Warham said...

I have just realised that I have won 'Her Unsuitable Viscountess'
Thanks so much Michelle, I really look forward to reading it.
Best wishes

Michelle Styles said...

Carol --
Kate Hardy has forwarded me your postal address so I will post HUV off to you.
Thank you for commenting on my blog over there.

Anonymous said...

50 books in 10 yrs? Now that's inspirational!

btw--these captchas are getting pretty much impossible. Kind of insulting that the legend reads, "Please prove you're not a robot." :)

Michelle Styles said...

Well I was getting a ton of spam. It was not showing up on the comments but it did get sent through to my email.
The genuine comments by anonymous users were not enough to support the time I had spend so the captchas had to go back on.