Friday, August 24, 2012

New major Viking tv drama

I just found out that the people behind the Borgias and the Tudors are doing a tv series on the Vikings starring Travis Fimmell.
The drama focuses on Ragnar the Hairy Breeches  who is a semi-legnedary figure from around 850. Ironically, he was orginally based in the approximate area where I am currently writing. And the Viking book that was accepted back in Januaray but still does not have a publication date is set in England in 874 and is about the aftermath of the invasion by his 3 sons. The sons were responsible for the capture of York on All Saints Day in 866 as well as invading Ireland and taking over East Anglia. They apparently did a blood eagle of Aella the man who was responsible for murdering their father. There had been a bloody civil war raging in Northumbria at the time.
The term Hairy Breeches refers for a pair of trousers Ragnar wore and were impervious to weapons and poisons.(extra thick fur, dipped in pitch and then rolled in sand) They were created by his first wife. His first wife is really interesting as she is reupted to have been the daughter of a desposed king and brought up by a simple family. She was supposed to be exceptionally intelligent and a very good strategist. When Ragnar attempted to set her aside, she promised him that she'd show him the truth with the child she carried. That son (who did not go raiding but defended the lands at home) was Sigurd the Snakeeye as one of his eyes had the image of a snake running about his outer iris.
As with anything Norse, there is a ton of adventure, violence and sex so given the company's track record, it will be a good match.
It is good that Vikings are back and cool once more.


Abby Green said...

They're filming it here, just outside Dublin :) x Abby

Michelle Styles said...

I did wonder if you were invovled with it Abby. Or if you knew peopel involved with it. I seem to recall you doing something with the Tudors. Any way it looks like it could be good!

Caroline said...

Ohhh looking forward to watching this series! Can't wait to read your next Viking too! Caroline x

Abby Green said...

Don't have anything to do with it Michelle - but they've been shooting for 7 weeks now already ;)
x Abby