Monday, July 02, 2012

Tracy Anderson Method Day 241

Today was the start of C1.2 L7 (day 242 of Meta) or the level affectionately known as shock and ow! Lots of twisting of hips. I can do the exercises but I was bathed in fairy dust. The plank at the end is easier in ways than the kick and rollup to a higher kick plank of the last level.  You have to hand it to Tracy. She keeps coming up new ways to challenge your muscles.
The twisting of the hips will be in part to loosen the hip flexors. Many people have tight hip flexors. This in turn leads to a sway back and a pooch for a stomach. Good posture can make you look far better than you might think. It puts less pressure on your lower back. Even just stretching your hip flexors can help with posture.
I am hoping that that this level will really start attacking the remains of my love handles etc.
Resculpting your body does take time and there are still lumps and bumps that I don't like.
I know this is my persistently critical self talking but at least I feel like I am being proactive in combatting it.

I am over at Cheryl St John's blog today to help her celebrate 7 years of  blogging and 40 years of marriage! Cheryl is a fellow Historical author whose books I loved before I was published. She writes characters who entwined themselves about your heart strings. I am giving away a signed copy of His UNsuitable Viscountess to one person who comments on that blog as part of the celebrations.

The grand prize winner of the HH Summer Beach bag giveaway has been drawn. Kathryn M. She has been notified and all the authors are hoping that she gets in touch soon because they want to send the grand prize out!

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