Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buckfast bees arrive

My youngest's birthday present emitting a continual buzzing and occassional annoyed buzz is currently sitting in my study, wating for the rain to stop. They were in the hallway but I decided, there was less likelihood of accident if they were removed to my study. Accidents at this stage are devotedly to be avoided!
A nucleus of Buckfast bees from Fragile planet.came via the post.
The postman delivered them very gingerly and scurried off after he got my signature. He warned me NOT to open the package inside.
As luck would have it, my youngest is off in the Lakes  so it fall to me to get them settled in their new home. I suspect they have some feed. The Queen is currently caged but by the time I release them, the bees should have eaten through the candy to her.
They need to sit with the entrance untaped for 24 hours (or so) next to the hive which will become thier home. Then provided tomorrow evening is dry, I can move the frames into the hive and feed them with a sugar syrup solution. All perfectly straight forward (provided the rain stops!).
Right now though, I have a buzzing in my ears. I know they can't escape but the possibility is rather unnerving.
The rain stopped. I carried the bees down to the bee garden, loosened the top of the box so I can get the frames out tomorrow evening. Unblocked the entrance and the bees poured out. Slightly unnerving so I was pleased I had my bee suit on. Still stage one is done. Tomrrow evening (provided it is dry) will be stage 2  -- moving the frames to the brood box, feeding and then closing up.
Fingers crossed here.


Nell Dixon said...

Please be careful, Michelle :)

Beth Elliott said...

Hope they take to their new home at once and later reward you with honey.

Barbara Monajem said...

This is totally fabulous, Michelle. Once some wild bees swarmed and made their home inside the wall of our house, beside my daughter's bedroom! We had to have some people come and remove them to a new hive, which was fascinating -- they had a sort of vacuum which is usually specially to move bees. And we got to keep the honey. :)