Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finer details make a difference.

My sister went and saw my brother's Aids quilt. Finally they told her where it was displayed.  She was able to see the finer detail of my brother's quilt.  We had both only see photos that my cousin took before, so were unaware of  the finer detail. (or perhaps I had forgotten)
For example, I didn't know that my sister and I were mentioned in the cloud next to the rainbow.  Or that his partner's name is stitched on the flag at the top of the sailboat. Or that the tree had *Uncle Eric* stitched on it. He was close to his partner's niece and nephew, but he was  also very proud of being a proper uncle to my son. He died before I became pregant with my daughter or indeed before my sister married, but he would have adored all his nieces and nephews.
It is the finer detail that makes the quilt. My brother would not have necessarily approved of the fabric choice but he would have approved of the sentiment and in the end, the sentiment is the most important thing.

The same is true for writing. It is the little details that bring a story to life. It helps to create the awe moment. Or the little bit that you remember. Or the bit that brings a character to life.

My editor had given me her thoughts on my latest Viking. Some work needs to be done, but I needed her eye to see it. She is right in her assessment and it goes straight to the finer detail.

Now comes the hard part -- the writing of the full. But I need to remember the detail makes it.

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