Monday, April 02, 2012

The Tracy Anderson Method: Continuity L8

It has been an age since I posted anything about my Tracy Anderson Method journey. I am on Level 8 (day 162 of the Meta programme). I have been doing it consistently 6 x a week since late October.
I continue to do 60 minutes of the Dance cardio and do like the C1.1 cardio more than then Meta cardio. I think I am getting better at it.
The Muscular structure work is more challenging in some ways. This level has one armed planks, modified headstands and other delights. BUT I can do all of them. I can also keep up on the arms and the abs.
The big tip I have learnt is to point my toes during the floor ab work and really during most of the leg lifts, unless Tracy is clearly retracting her foot. It helps engage the abs and can really help if you have had separation of the abdominal muscle due to pregnancy. My over all body is far more defined, rather than a huge inch loss.
My eating habits tend to be a smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch and a solid meal for supper. It works for me. Soup/liquid meals stay in your stomach longer than simply drinking a glass of water before you eat. I have fresh fruit, nuts or dried fruit for snacks if I feel hungry.
I have discovered that I was v lactose intolerant, particularly when there is a lot of fat involved. Not surprising as I had my gall bladder removed years ago. I can handle Greek yogurt in moderation. Cheese in v limited quantities. I can have a little bit of wheat but I do tend to avoid it and go for other grains now. My diet has a lot more fresh fruit and veg.
I am staying a solid size UK 8 (US 4). I do have to buy some more tops as I have been wearing my old jumpers etc. It has been pointed that I do look like an orphan wearing a bigger sibling's clothes. And while I can get away with this in the winter, the summer is another matter. Slowly, slowly, slowly my wardrobe is changing. I also need to get some shorts, and capris as my TAM started when the weather was getting cooler...
The best thing about TAM is the stress release and the way I feel after I complete a session. It just helps. There  is also a sense of accomplishment as I finish a level or move further on in the programme. All this helps with improving my personal body image and ultimately my self esteem.
I am very glad that I made me a priority.

As I am currently waiting on my editor, I am keeping busy doing other projects...including cleaning up the garden. This means wresting with the brambles, doing the ivy and generally doing all the big jobs I have avoided for awhile. It is great thinking time. As a writer you have to spend time thinking. Repetitive jobs can be great for this.

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Tracy2011 said...

Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on your continued success with TAM. Like you I always feel good when I finish a level, especially a tough one. I continue to work out 6 x a week, because I crave it, and it has become such a habit for me. I know if I didn't get up and work out, I would really feel it during the day. I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with you. Have a great week.