Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Revisions hit

After Edith and Brand, I knew that I would not get an easy set of revisions again. The world doesn't work like that. I am actually more comfortable with more revisions.
These revisions will take some thinking about but the story will be better for it. I need to speak to my editor to fully understand what she is seeing and where I need to tease various threads out.
In many ways this story is closer to my heart than the Viking was. Is it because I do have extensive revisions on it? Am I contrarywise person and apt to love the more difficult stories more?

In Tracy Anderson Method News I am on Level 9 of the Continuity C1.1, so day 175. I have started to transition in the new Dance Cardio. I am looking forward to starting the next part of Continuity C1.2 next week. Back the free weights and standing abs! My body continues to improve. I will post a new picture next week. This part of C1.1 has seen consolidation more than anything.
There is an article in Hello Magazine about Tracy along with a few exercises to try.Tracy does do what she says. I do love her workouts.

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