Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It is all in how you take the camera angles

I do love my editor. She took time over two days to chat with me about my manuscript -- what was working and what wasn't. Where she thought things could be improved and why. One of my problems was that I had tried to tie up all story threads in a neat bow and sometimes the endings are best implied, rather than spelt out.
It is going to be 2 weeks of hard work. I have refocus the manuscript and make sure that certain things aneed to be moved to the forefront, rather than hidden in the shadow. As someone once said to me a long time ago -- think like you are a director -- what do you want the shot to show?
I have cut about 7k but it needed to go to free up the words for better use.

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Caroline said...

Good luck on the revisions Michelle. I do like the comment about seeing your MS as if you are a director. I *must* remember that one. Caroline x