Monday, February 07, 2011

Shredding and fitted blouses

Today is day 22 of The Shred and the scales are staying stubborn. However,  my clothes are telling a different story all together.
Two Christmases ago, my husband gave me an expensive fitted blouse. The only trouble was that it didn't fit.  I could not button it. It was in the size that I used to be. He had no reason to think my clothing size had changed but it had. And I kept thinking I would fit into it. Nothing doing. Yesterday I tried it on and it does fit. Barely and there is room for improvement but I was able to wear it to Mass without feeling like I had been squeezed into it. Rather that I am on upper range of a UK size 14 (US size 12). Considering I was on the upper limits of a UKsize 16 (US size 14) when I started this shred, I am well pleased. Do the Shred, lose a dress size in 3 weeks. I can handle that.
Inspired by The Shred, I have ordered Jillian Michaels' book -- Winning by Losing which details her diet plan. It should be here today. With Amazon's look inside feature, I decided it was worth spending some of my birthday money from the in laws on (and for under a fiver, the price was right). I also ordered the 6 week six pack dvd at the same time. My Mother in law was pleased to learn that I was spending the money on me for a change rather than on something practical.
I happen to like Ms Michaels' philosophy and the no nonsense way she approaches things. It is possible to sign up for a free daily newsleeter from her. At least the newsletter keeps me focussed. Her site costs $4 per week if you want access to more but I figure with the book and the dvds I am pretty well set.
Being able to regain clothes is a HUGE incentive to keep going. After the Shred, I have 6 weeks of  6 week six pack to look forward to. It is good to sweat!

My fitness is improving and I find I have more energy. I am also ignoring the jibes from my youngest. He is 15 and fit. I am 47 and definately an unfit matron type, The fact that I can do star jumps for  the enitire 2nd 30 second interval in circuit 3 is something to be celebrated!


KarenB said...

Way to go Michelle. you've inspired me to buy the dvd. Fingers crossed the workout doesn't kill me. I used to do a lot of serious walking with the dog. Mainly hills, but we moved and the dog got lazy and I've got fatter. The dvd arrives this week and to be honest I'm dreading it but I'm hitting a big birthday in the summer, 50! Yikes how did that happen and I'm determind to be fit and fabulous. Will keep you posted.

Rula Sinara said...

Congrats, Michelle! I'm finding that it's more encouraging to try on 'old' clothes and see how they fit, or to use a measuring tape to record inches lost, rather than relying on the scale everday. I do weigh myself but it fluctuates too much by small increments (water gain, muscle gain etc...).

I think it's VERY sweet and romantic that your hubby didn't notice your size had changed when he bought you the shirt:). I wish all men were like that!

Caroline said...

Great news Michelle. Keep going you can do it! Caroline x

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. It is much appreciated.

KarenB -- let me know how you get on! I have found that I have much more energy now. The first week was TOUGH and I had thought I was fit...

Rula -- I owe you your critique.

Ros said...

Does 'shred' have a different meaning in the US? Or is there some significance I'm missing? I just keep imagining you with your clothes ripped to pieces.