Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take a moment

I've just completed day 2 of the Jillian Micheals 6 week 6 pack. I'm better at it today than I was yesterday but what she said during the cool down really struck home.
It is important to take a moment when you finish something and appreciate the accomplishment.
Your accomplishment might not seem a lot to someone else but it should mean a lot to you.
So for everyone who has submitted a manuscript recently, take a moment and think about the accomplishment. Think about the effort that it took to get it there. Savour it. It is worthwhile and time well spent. You did it.
Sure, next time your writing  might be stronger (I always hope mine is!) but that doesn't take away from what you have accomplished.
Take that moment, savour it. Enjoy the buzz. Really focus on that. Then put it to one side and be prepared to WORK on making the next one even better.
When I am doing the workout, I am focused on making that workout the best it can be, pushing my muscles that little bit more. Doing that bit extra. I am not think about yesterday's workout. I am in the here and now.
So it is with writing. Focus on the here and now. You can do something about that.
Savour the moment when you finish a project but leave it behind when you go on to the next one.


Anna Louise Lucia said...

Oh my goodness I needed to hear that! I'm very bad at this - always thinking of the next thing on the list and not taking time to savour crossing one thing off. In my head it's always about, "right, now I need to do x, and then it's y, and then I can z...."


Thank you for the timely reminder, and good luck!

Rula Sinara said...

I love this post, Michelle. I needed to hear it. You have an incredible way with words and wisdom. I hope you realize how much positive impact you have on writers, unpublished and I'm sure published as well. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

And by the way, I'm a bit behind on my TBR, but I just finished A Question of Impropriety and just started Simon's story. I can't say enough good things. I was hoping to analyze and learn from your work, but your story and characters swept me away into reading for pleasure. I mean that as a compliment of course :)! My heart goes out to Simon...