Friday, February 04, 2011

A new book by Donald Maass

As long time readers of this blog know, I do rate Donald Maass's books on writing. He does a regular column on Writer Unboxed. First Thursday of every month. This month, he did an post on depth of character. Nothing new or startling.  He says the same thing over and over.  Funny how often people nod their head and then ignore it.  But you shouldn't. He knows what he is talking about. Orson Scott Card was writing much the same thing in the late 1980's. The craft of writing doesn't change but sometimes, the way it is explained can open new vistas.

He also has a new book coming out. The Breakout Novelist.(March 2011) It combines the best of his other books -- Writing The Break Out Novel, Fire Into Fiction and most importantly an updated version of The Career Novelist. The final section of the book looks at what it takes to be a novelist in today's world and how novelists can prosper. Does PR work for everyone? etc.  I suspect even though I have the other books, it will be worth getting for the career advice. I know I learnt A LOT from the Career Novelist and can't wait to see what his updated one is like. My copies of Writing the Breakout Novel workbook and Fire into fiction are rather worn now.
I suspect because he has a new book out, he will be giving a workshop at the RWA Nationals this year. It will be good. Last year's was.

In other news: it is blowing a gale here and so I am writing, working on deepening my characterisation so that the reader can get the best read possible.


Rula Sinara said...

Hi Michelle! I just got a Writer's Digest email about his new book. I've read The Fire In Fiction and plan on getting my hands on this one as well. I remember attendance at his workshop during last years RWA overflowed into the hall. Unfortunately, I was one of the people in the hall just outside the door. Eventually I gave up on trying to hear him. His workshops (and presence) definitely command a huge room! I hope I get in this year! :)

Elizabeth Lyon's The Manuscript Makeover really clicked with me as well. There's something in the way she puts it. I'm planning on ordering Orson's book , since you've spoken so highly of it. Thanks for the heads up!

Unknown said...

I've never heard of him *blushes* that has changed today and I'll be checking out some of his books to see if they interest me! Thanks for sharing!!

Nas said...

Hi Michelle,

I followed your advice and got his Writing the Breakout Novel. I read about ccharacter depth when he blogged.

Thanks for letting us know about his new book, I'll try to get it.